Dear Facebook

What I sent them today, after finding ” a way”. Once my ban is lifted, this will go public.

Dear Facebook,

Once again, I  must thank you for hindering my art promoting. It thrills me SO much for seeing you and your algorithm/robot giving me countless violations and bans due to accidental or intentional postings of my artwork which shows my breasts. Wait – it is MY NIPPLES that you feel are offensive to the online community, not even my breasts. This is already funny since I am a large woman with sagging breasts so my nipples barely make an appearance.

13 violations, a 7-day ban this time, 30 days the next and a threat that my professional page will be unpublished.

Community Standards:

Your standards talk about violent and harmful things that would upset and offend someone. They talk about bullying, verbal attacks and more. Those standards talk about free expression under certain terms. I understand all of this, yet every time I scroll down my news feed, I have to scroll through one negative post after another. We are all in danger of: COVID, another election that could extend Trump’s term as president, constant news of asking for thoughts and prayers to people that are sick and dying. Any sense of a positive post only seems to come in the form of photos of cute animals – but wait, not without other posts from vegans sharing what is happening to those cute animals. Almost everything I see has a direct psychological effect on me, and not in a positive way. Harmful enough?

Oh but you DO list reasons that women’s breasts can be shown:

– act of protest

– pictures of breastfeeding or after-birth moments.

The latter is something that would truly upset me. What woman would have her breasts out after she gave birth and WHY would she want to share that on social media? Having said that, if she is allowed to, then she has the right.

So here I am – an artist who photographs herself and sometimes nude. The nudity acts as something vulnerable – the literal baring of myself and one that some people deem courageous. There is NOTHING pornographic here and if someone is offended by the work, they ALSO can scroll past, delete my friendship, etc.

I am also a “starving” artist. Social media has given me the opportunity to promote my art as much as possible and if a person, instead of an algorithm or robot actually reviewed these posts more carefully, they could see that there is nothing harmful about my posts.

I have read some artists have tried to protest Facebook’s standards but it seems it has gone nowhere. Yes, I have a choice to walk away from Facebook and Instagram. I would rather not as they have proven to be important enough links to my self-promotion so instead I will fight you.

I urge you to re-evaluate your priorities on what you deem as appropriate or not on social media because if you won’t ban political posts, ones that show violence during protests or the slaughtering of animals as they can be harmful for many, then my self-portraits have NO RIGHT TO BE BANNED.

The image that created this latest ban. Offensive, harmful and damaging to the psyche, huh?:



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