Dollface Continued

First, I would like to say that work from the new Dollface series is up on my website now so if you are interested, here is the direct LINK to the page.

I am deciding how to proceed with this project because I would like to use her long-term. At the moment, I am just taking ideas in my head and shooting but there should be categories in the future like interior/exterior, black and white/color, Mythology/Personal Symbolism….I just have to keep shooting to see how the themes evolve, I think. At the moment, I am in the process of gathering materials to create an actual interior – a bedroom more than likely. Eileen Arnow-Levine, an illustrator/book maker and multi-media artist whom I know, inspired me as she has been creating a dollhouse complete with the most amazingly detailed miniatures. While I will not be going to those lengths, plus Dollface is not miniature, measuing at 50cm (almost 20 inches) tall , I have some ideas in the works.

I did create a new costume for her recently, though and we did a couple of shoots with it. Here is a medieval-inspired chemise and “corset” over-dress that I since changed the lacing on.

And here is a new piece entitled “What If”:

Lastly, I would like to share this short process video I made of another shoot I did with her. A lot more work goes into these shoots than ones of me. For one, I can pose however I want and I don’t need to use pins or supports. She doesn’t have a face, naturally, so all of her expressions must come in the form of grand (even not so grand) gestures in her poses. So, I have to bend her arms and the wired spine I have attached to her to get them. Interestingly however, sometimes after I am finished manipulating her and plop her somewhere, she then takes an emotion that didn’t come through before.

Readers, I hope you will follow me on this new journey. There is definitely a sense of ease to not be in front of the camera for awhile. Perhaps I can say that it is done for me to be so but nothing is ever certain.

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