Missing Post

I just found this entry in my draft box and forgot to finish it from the Spring. It had been some time since I wrote something. I have been dealing with both physical and psychological health problems in between finding the ability, the motivation and the inspiration for creating. Nonetheless, there has been a few creative moments including new photo sessions of Dollface as well as a portrait drawing session. Our shoots have been of us together now. At the beginning, when I first created her, I looked at her as a replacement of me. I didn’t feel the desire, as much, to photograph myself for my serious work and felt whatever I need to say could be said with her. However, I became so attached to her, even “transmitting my soul into her” that, especially during these difficult times, she could be my sympathetic sidekick or perhaps, rather empathetic. She feels what I feel and it’s so important for me to have that right now.

After re-reading the above, I have to update that I am in the process of making a book of images of her and have a new idea that continues the partnered photographs of the two of us in an even more surreal way. Meanwhile, see below this drawing that I did of her from “life” as well as one of the photos of us together. I have updated my website to include more so please have a look and if you want to subscribe to my newsletter, you will actually receive more active updates than on here!

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