A Quick Promotion

Apologies for my long absence to those who read my blog. I have been torn for years between keeping a blog or abandoning it altogether simply because it seems difficult to hold people’s attentions more and more these days, as well as not gaining enough of an audience here to be motivated to write my thoughts and musings.

In any event, I have converted my website to another platform so if you are interested in my photography and art, here is the link to my site – www.annmarietornabene.net. In addition, from the 5th through the 13th of March, my series Les Peintures will be on display during the Salon Photo International in Alsace in the town of Riedisheim. If you just happen to live near there, I will be there during the 2 weekends and will also be talking about my photographic history and how the series came to fruition…in French. This will be the first time that I speak in French for longer than a few minutes so this should be interesting!

I hope to post more in the future but you can always subscribe to my newletter for up to date info on me and my work! Stay well!

Movement with Bird (censored version) © AnnMarie Tornabene

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